The Dog Farm

by David S. Wills



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About the Author

David S. Wills is the founder and managing editor of Beatdom, the world’s most popular Beat literary journal, as well as Fuck Fiction. An avid traveler, David has been on the road since 2007, living in South Korea, Taiwan, China, and Cambodia. He writes, lectures, and will do almost anything for money.

His first book was The Dog Farm, published in 2011. He is also the author of Scientologist! William S. Burroughs and the ‘Weird Cult’, which examines the role of Scientology in the life of an American literary giant, and 6 Stories, a collection of bizarre short fiction.


For thousands of young Westerners, South Korea is an escape from reality. It is a place where money is easy and booze is cheap. By day they toil in crooked cram-schools, teaching the peninsula’s violent, video game-obsessed youth. At night they cut loose and embrace Korea’s famous drinking culture.

Among these disaffected young teachers is Alexander. Young, naïve and a little drunker than most, he is struggling to cope with life on the “wrong side of the world”. In The Dog Farm we follow Alex from girl to girl, beer to beer, across Korea, to Japan, and back again, in an unlikely love story.

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“The heartfelt cavorting of Jack Kerouac across America is recalled in The Dog Farm.” – 10 Magazine

“Hunter S. Thompson would’ve been proud. The Dog Farm is much like a gin and tonic – a bit too bitter for some and just what the doctor ordered for others.” – Chris in South Korea

“Wills’ text remains an entertaining novel throughout, particularly for readers with experience living and/or working in South Korea. Alexander’s descriptions of day-to-day life for an expat in Korea will ring true to moments we have all experienced. I found the novel triggering memories that left me nodding in agreement… In addition, Wills’ prose is fluid and easy to read – a great achievement for his first piece of long-form fiction. I will certainly be seeking out his future work.” – Daegu Compass